TintPro Window Tinting has got you covered when it comes to NW window tinting.

We use XPEL’s products!  XPEL’s XR Plus Ceramic is our highest-quality product, rejecting a whopping 96% of exterior heat! We can also give your heavy equipment some serious protection with our tints- get all its windows tinted to maximize comfort while working away at ‘the office’.

2023 GMC 1500 Elevation

We installed our High Performance 20% on the fronts door to match the rears along with a 5% visor strip.

2023 Ford Bronco

Customer brought their vehicle in for the full works. We installed our XR plus ceramic 15% on the front doors and 5% rears, all followed by a 55% windshield. Add a brand new cool look and experience to your vehicle with our XR plus ceramic!!!

2022 Ford F350 Platinum

We installed our Ceramic XR Plus 20% to match the doors, followed by a 55% Windshield!!! Our new XR Plus Ceramic is one of the highest heating blocking film on the market, rejecting 96% of the heat coming through the glass.

With the popularity of larger sunroofs and moon roofs, it’s more important than ever to tint your ride just right. Don’t let that picture-perfect view pass you by!

2022 c8 Corvette

We installed our Ceramic IR 15% on the sides and rear to this beautiful ride. Why tint your windows? Protection from the heat, protects your interior, adds privacy, and finally…adds a clean look to your car

2022 "Boost Blue" Civic

We installed our Ceramic Xtreme 20% on the sides and rear along with a 55% windshield.

2022 Kubota KX057-5

This Mini Excavator received the full meal deal!!! Ceramic Xtreme 20% on the cab windows and 55% on the windshield.